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What the Falafel

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What The Falafel?

What The Falafel

Looking for some delicious falafel that makes your taste buds tingle, your goosebumps dance and does its little bit to help the world?
You’re in luck!

We create falafel fresh in-house every day, using the freshest high-quality ingredients. We create our falafel using traditional cooking techniques that we have learned growing up and have brought them to the streets of Dublin to share the wonders of the Middle East.

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What The Falafel

At What the Falafel we want to get people thinking about their food, where it comes from and how their consumption habits are influencing the world. We believe that food is one way to open people’s minds and start a conversation. We might be a little tongue in cheek sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about everything and everyone around us! Cliched as it might sound we want to help the world through social change! You can too. Join us for our food revolution!


Phone: 01 672 9944

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Monday – Sunday:
12pm – 10pm